Discover skydiving in Aquitaine in Pau: pac and tandem courses!

For all those who love sliding or thrills. For those who want to please a friend or relative, the Davy Parachutisme school based in Aquitaine offers you the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments, discovering an extraordinary activity: freefall, in the form of a pac course and a tandem parachute jump in tandem .

The site: Pau-Lasclaveries aerodrome in the Pyrénées Atlantiques (64), 20 km north of Pau.In addition to the sensations, you will enjoy an incomparable view of the Pyrenees chain.

Open from March to November.

davy skydiving in aquitaine, Pau, la Réole

davy skydiving aquitaine

Tandemjumps or PAC beginner coursesfree fall,

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1st pac davy skydiving jump, aquitaine, pau, la réole

jump pac davy skydiving


posed high pac davy skydiving in aquitaine, pau, la réole

jump pac davy skydiving


The tandem parachute jump allows the discovery of skydiving to the greatest number by sharing its jump between friends thanks to the video support.

The Pac initiation jump is suitable for those even more eager for thrills and ready to manage the fall part and the descent under sail themselves, benefiting from the assistance of the instructors. This is the first jump of the Pac stage.

In the continuity of the initiation jump, the PAC course is the most efficient and safest formula of modern skydiving to learn to jump alone quickly. Qualified instructors offer personalized and professional support. The double objective is the autonomy in free fall and under the parachute. Thereafter, the instructors continue to follow you in your progress on the ground or in fall as needed.