Pac initiation jump

The Pac initiation jump corresponds to the first jump of the course. It allows you to discover freefall by being much more active and independent.

You are accompanied by 2 fall instructors, who ensure your safety and communicate with you until the opening of your parachute. You then steer your wing yourself until you land.

Ideal discovery formula for those who would like to continue the adventure with the PAC course .

A video montage of your jump on a USB key is offered to you.

Description of the jump:
In order to be able to discover free fall and navigation under your own parachute, you follow a one-day training course. If the weather permits, you will be ready to jump at the end of the day.

You leave the plane at an altitude of 4200 meters for one minute of free fall, accompanied by two monitors, who ensure your safety and communicate with you until your parachute opens.

You then steer your wing until you land (for 5 to 6 minutes) with radio assistance.

A video montage on USB key containing the best sequences of the day (preparation, boarding, freefall, landing) will be produced and given to you.

Terms and conditions :
• Obtain a medical certificate of no contraindication to skydiving (download the medical certificate: non-contraindication.pdf )
• Minimum age 15 years old: parental authorization for minors
• Weather: the realization of the jumps is subject to the weather conditions of the moment
• Equipment: Casual dress and low sports shoes, without hooks.
• Maximum weight: 90 kgs with good physical condition

Initiation jump price: 400 €

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pac initiation jump


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jump pac dimitri


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