Tandem jump

tandem skydiving davy skydiving

south and tandem

You have always dreamed of it without ever daring to do it! Come and discover the exceptional sensations of free fall, thanks to a tandem jump, in a pleasant setting.

The tandem jump is performed in tandem with an instructor at an altitude of 4200 meters. 1 minute of freefall and 5 to 6 minutes under canopy are achieved before a soft landing!

The images of the jump can be immortalized by a videoman.

The tandem allows the discovery of skydiving with great ease (a few minutes of preparation are necessary), to the delight of all those who have tried the experience...

Description of the jump
After a presentation by the monitor of the course of the jump, you will be equipped with a harness. You board a PILATUS PORTER or CESSNA CARAVAN type aircraft for a 15-minute flight over a magnificent landscape. At an altitude of 4200 meters, you leave the plane attached to the monitor for almost a minute of free fall:

a minute of freedom and unforgettable sensations. At 1500 meters, the instructor triggers the opening of the two-seater parachute. You then have a few minutes to enjoy the scenery through a calm flight until landing.

Terms and conditions
• Bring a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of skydiving
• Minimum age 15 years old: parental authorization for minors
• Weather: the performance of the jumps is subject to the prevailing weather conditions.
• Equipment: Casual dress and low sports shoes, without hooks.

Prix du saut
280 € le saut tandem, 80 € la vidéo, 100 € la vidéo + les photos.

tandem skydiving davy skydiving

baptism in tandem

baptism in tandem parachute davy skydiving

or finally

tandem jump davy skydiving

landed in a two-seater parachute

tandem davy skydiving

free fall baptism